And now I embark on a new journey! There is a voice inside me that wants to flow, that wants to know, that wants to grow. Does that matter? Elucidation rests in the womb of futurity waiting to be born. So I set sail on this new ocean. A soft inner voice whispers within me. I listen to it’s heartbeat. The pulse of a new epoch dances to the rhythm of change. What change? That which must change? And yet it’s true power is yet to be realized. The power of many voices connected affecting – change. Possibility breathes deeply. What’s over there? Another whisper. What is possible? I set sail in it’s direction. Another whisper yearns for thunder, collective thunder, connected thunder. Move me, lead me, incite me. The wind speaks again. There is nothing fortuitous about life if one postulates it so……

I’m on my way….

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼