Such a beautiful day…I think I’ll go for a walk. Whistling to myself, or was it with myself?…I pulled on my jacket, slipped on my sneakers, and bounded down the stairway to the ground level of my building. After a short negotiation with the door on the landing….I was outside.     

Ahhh….there is something so renewing about taking a good deep breath on a crisp, yet sunny spring day. Spring, the seasons most resplendent dresser, spares no ceremonial ornament when it comes to rejoicing in its own refurbishment. For this, and many other reasons, spring has always been, and still is, my favorite time of year. It’s all about renewal! Yes…. renewal! It wasn’t long into my walk when I noticed  rejuvenation and rebirth everywhere. A myriad of different flower buds, of all sizes, were emerging from every kind of plant, shrub, perennial and god knows what, all looking as though at any moment the whole universe was going to erupt into a sudden splendour of color splashed ubiquitously into the horizon. Yes, indeed, I too felt as though I was readying to bloom alongside the season. So be it! Let the renaissance begin!  I danced freely on a fresh burgeoning breeze, while an air of scented affability wafted through the trees. Yes, the music of life was a bloom. With my body now fully enacted to the task of walking, I allowed  my frolicking mind  to gently ease into an enlightening …. but appraising contemplation. 

How important is it to be me? How important is it for you to be you? Did you know that in our most natural state, when we are truly being ourselves, our hearts play wonderful music that’s so uncommon that when we hear it….it is the first time it has ever been heard? And, did you know that…that music….is who we are?  Furthermore, there are no two melodies that are exactly the same…that is how special you and I are!

So what happens to us when we are following the whims of others instead of what’s in our own hearts? What happens when capitulation becomes the balm we ….want. Or worse yet, when we need others approval to be ourselves? Often the gravity of mediocrity can feel so ponderous…it seems to enervate whatever inspiration we may have left. Ooohh… how high our hearts would soar if we could only cast off the ball and chain of that burden? Wouldn’t you want to find out? Afterall, mediocrity always seeks to preserve what is…common, and often at…. a cost. How common are you? And how are you doing with the way….common feels? What are you worth? Only the status quo would attempt to put a price on anyone.  At what price are you willing to let mediocrity put on you….to feel safe?  I find it kind of sad that society at large has placed more value on a painting , (the Mono Lisa for example) than any one human being. Don’t you find that kind of sad?  I love art…when I’m free to see and experience it for is! The fervor of freedom, our true essence, knows no such limits as price; only the art of endless possibilities prevail! Now that is priceless!

When we look to others to dictate our path in life for us….we only seek to add more weight to what is common. Nothing new finds its way into our world. Hence, we deny ourselves and the world something that it so desperately needs: something ….new…something…renewed. This renewal can only enter the world through the bloom of an open heart. This open heart is heralded by the music of its harp. When we are playing our own harp…we are being ourselves.

 So what happens when you choose to be yourself? What happens when we choose to be ourselves collectively? When we harness the courage to play our own harp, our hearts open and the music flows, and we take a front row seat in consciously witnessing the grand concert of the universe playing through us. The world now… is not quite the same as it was before. In fact, though we may not detect it right away, the world has become more rejuvenated.  And a revitalized world, even…so slightly, is more prolific in the way it yields quality of life for everything that lives! Which includes you and I! Therefore, something infinitely more valuable to the enjoyment of life has entered the world, something that money can never buy!….and why? Because it is priceless! It is you! It is me! It is everyone who chooses to be themselves! Therefore, it is in the act of being ourselves that we are priceless! And as long as one is priceless – they can never be common! Now… can you imagine what the effect of several, perhaps thousands, or even millions of hearts singing together would be?    

 Rounding the last corner, I was heading home again. Feeling replenished, I allowed myself to candidly coast with the rest of the contemplation, content with letting it fade into another world…for now. And although my musing was abating; the music of my heart was not. I listened to its song the rest of the way home.

Such is the courage, the courage of me….to be me. That I should dare to walk the beat of me. The beat of me…

Never alone, never apart, this incalculable wisdom that is my heart, that is the harp of me. The harp of me. And how do I know that I am being me?

Because the universe always speaks to me, the universe always plays to me….the universe always plays…..

The Harp of the Heart of me…

Always here, always now, may the blessings be…

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼