In spite of the challenges that I sometimes face, I am always reminded in some small way, and sometimes not so small way, of the miracles inviting me to see itself. I often want to understand them to placate my thinking mind. However, these “miracles” do not lend themselves to “thinking.” Thinking is much too small for its design. It took me awhile to realize this.

 To the extent of my willingness to let go of my “need” to understand how things will work out for me, comes the awareness, of that which constantly looks out for me. And what is that. Herein is the Gift. I don’t need to understand…it… to have it in my life. 

There is a difference between understanding and awareness; one needs while the other feeds. And while awareness allows me to see, acceptance allows me to be. So the question is: Am I ready to accept the awareness of what is…flowing through me? Assuredly, thinking will have another question. Whilst everything, including the question, is the answer. A miracle always accepts itself as the answer that acts now. It never ceases to amaze me, these…”I get it moments.” The more closely I align myself to the design of life, the more I see the miracle of life …that is me. And that which I see in myself, I see reflected outside of myself in this world called life. Now I know why I have others in my life; they show me…me! And conversely, I bring a mirror to them. What a gift!

And then it just all makes me smile. I’m learning to not be so concerned about where I’m going and how it will all work out. The bounty that abounds in trusting myself  teaches me now. And while I’m willing to follow its direction, I just don’t think about it. 🙂

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼