Notice a flower is never in a hurry. A still along the way, it calms a  pause within its palm. Notice spring blossoms arrive upon, where perfumed bees aloft their breeze, court bouquets. Notice this ballet.  And how they find each other. Notice chinooks delivering twigs for fetch when busy birds build their nests. Notice. A smile from a stranger that needs a rest; but trudged on anyway. And when refreshing waves break the beach, notice how they take their leave. Like time, when you’re in love. Notice the sound of you breathing now. And how the stars finds themselves to twinkle in your eyes. No surprise, your smile gives me butterflies. Notice how everything is… even when it rains. And notice how the sun comes out again. Then, endings through beginnings to another view. Do you notice this too, when connected, it’s always warm even when its cool? Like a sweater woven from your love. And upon further notice to this regard. Is when ripened souls, firmly with the other, find their hearts. What is dearly noticed; is nothing can, and nothing will,  hold them long apart.

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼