She came to him, not from here, but from within and said, “you will find me and that is when it will begin.” “How will I know,” he replied. So while her light faded to another world she smiled her words to him, “you will see yourself in my eyes.” He paused alone, “I don’t know if I can.” To which she sang, “you will hear my voice in your heart; follow it.” And as fast as she had come, she was gone.

He jolted awake, then bounced from bed to draw a cool faucet to wet his neck. And leaning upon a porcelain sink, he gazed himself in the mirror. Then whispered, “what just happened here?”

While the days went by, the daze left his mind.  And over time, his heart raised a home to guide him how to live. Where hear her song nourished him. For whence his mind bathed in novelty; his heart twittered, “follow me.” 

Then it happened, but he didn’t know it yet. For inner change finds its outer gain within an overlapping dance. But he could feel her energy. And like sprinkled bits of shining shred, he connected her to a brighter bed. Where there she lay dreaming diaries. So farther still he followed her, through a clearer current, where washing walls was divining her. For destiny always finds; through its chrysalis , a minted life that rides upon a butterfly. 

Which delivered him to an isle beach.

And so within his reach, from chrysalis to catalyst, an angel as a woman appeared. And this where he is, found her eyes gazing him. Within an eternal pause, his heart opened to see at once…it was she. So she held his hand on her beach under open skies capering. And here he stroked her heart fanning the light about her eyes. While bliss so blessed on pebbles strolled, a smiling dove cooed their lives. And longing lips found their love; whilst instantly, time vaporized. So he had found her again. And she welcomed him to hold her dear for now. While lapping waves giggled with the shore to cleanse their hearts as one.

And thus it had begun.

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼