It had been twenty minutes since I turned off my bedroom lights. With my laptop cradled on my crossed legs and my back against the wall, I sat on my bed within the glow of a reflecting lcd screen painting its glow around me; a glow mirrored from it’s own inner digital world. I often write this way when at home within this strange lighting with shadows marginally off to the sides; it seems to help me focus my mind.  So within my halo of ambient bedroom light, I sat there staring at the screen, pondering…. at the one sentence I had written: “The most amazing thing happens when I see deeply into a another’s eyes.” So there I was…still…staring….as if the computer screen itself were a pair of eyes! Then finally I realized,  I hadn’t moved, nor typed a single word for the past twenty minutes. “What am I doing? I must be tired or …something?”…I sighed to myself. So, as if being nudged by some invisible hand, I put down my laptop, stretched  myself out, and surrendered to what seemed an eternal yawn.

Exhausted, I closed my eyes, and let the movie in my head play itself out. With slivers of light reflecting from another world, beckoning me to follow, I surrendered into a pool of love. Where suddenly, I found myself on a beach…again. I could hear the gentle waves of a sparkling sea lapping the glistening sand around me. As if hugging me in its delight of welcoming me home again. And inside this sea where depths lay sleep, I scarcely find the time. Where freckled  bits of wit divines this abyss of mine. This sea, itself, is an alluring swirl of  twinkling hues…mainly of happy teals, frolicking  blues with greens. Then  flecks of golden yellows; frisking tawny mellows, to bathe within chocolate pools of brown. Where kindled upon a clear surface of an eternal sea of  love. It’s mercy is a mirror! This world is everywhere; but then…is always here!  

Yes, this world is alwayshere… is always …here…now. And, this world is not of time. Everything….being  here…right now, has no use for time. Indeed, there is no time…for time.

I could see into the distance; a horizon; a great sphere, a beautiful globe of reds and oranges blushing  browns upon its mirror; a planet much in love. Yet, it wasn’t …there… in the distance! It too…is here …now. 

Indeed, I seemed to be everywhere; yet always here! The world I viewed outside of myself….is…myself…reflecting me…like a mirror! Looking at myself, I realized that the very fabric of my world…my body…wasn’t really a body at all, but a ball of light. And from this ball of light, which is me, came a sound! A beautiful sound flowing through me, from me, into the world that I was seeing outside of me…yet.. is me too! Yes…the world I am seeing, around me, shining with brilliant hues of light; too, came a sound…the sound…the sound of me! The sound of joy!  With this realization came an inner abundance which swelled up within me …from within an exhilarating deep sea of serenity. Which I readily accepted upon the surface of me! Upon the mercy of me! Upon the mirror of me!

“I see you have recognised yourself again,” flowed a tender voice from within, yet all around. Exultantly! I turned my awareness to welcome it…once again!  This other light; another light, another sound; another voice; that came to visit me…as it often does… to my world. It’s light shone with such brilliance that I could barely be in its presence.

“It’s you again,” I responded with connected exuberance, “who visits me now and then, and has no name…but why do you only come from time to time…and when you do,  I always cry?”

“My dear one, I greet you again” reflected the light, “come here by the sea and place yourself closer to me…and listen…to me.” So I moved closer to it’s light; which was both painful, and full of ecstasy…all within the same space of me! Then with perfect harmony the light’s voice said, “come only as close as you are comfortable dear one….but no further than this…for now. And you may address me by whatever name you feel…if a name it is you need right now.”

“I’m not sure what I need?” I began to cry…

‘Then hear what I have to say…for your heart has opened yet a little more. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” I conceded, “go ahead.”

And so the voice within the light within my dream.. began.

“There is never a moment that my light is not shining within you. The law of light coincides with the law of love; one is the reflection of the other. And the voice of love flows to your earth world over the threshold of an open heart! Where here , its light enlightens those who “are ready” for their …new start. To show them, via their open heart, back to their own light….where there is no separation from being life. Your beloved…is opening again!

“Then why, light within my dream, do I cry now all the time?”

“My dear one, we receive the light in direct relation to our ability to accept it. With acceptance comes awareness of the “now’.  And with awareness of the now comes recognition….of yourself. Which immediately causes the heart …to open! Tears, like tiny mirrors, reflects the light more profusely in announcing it’s flow. It means the door is opening! When one is crying within the acceptance of the “now” …it is a direct reflection of healing…”now.” Therefore, healing is nothing more, nor nothing less, than the capacity to accept the flow of life again…. to enter the stream of love again! This flow resides within your own inner light, like a pool waiting for somewhere to go. When one is crying within the act of healing; one is within the act of  ‘crying freely!’ So, within a “renewed flow” all things come to you…by flowing through you…and this is how you  come to ‘know’ ….the law of abundance manifesting in your life…in your world!

“Well…perhaps!” I cried emphatically!, “but what of this pain…does it have to hurt so much!”

The world shook with a thunderous laugh from within the light of my dream….”my dear child…the pain only exists to the extent to which you insist….on holding onto it! The pain you experience is merely the metric which measures your resistance to change. Or another way of saying it is…your resistance to acceptance! To the degree that we can accept change is to the degree we can let go of pain….. the law of love states that no other can assist with another’s state of consciousness…unless invited to do so! So you see, my dear one, it is through the crucible of pain that we eventually burn away ….all that is…not us!  The question is: how long do you want it to take? For a wonderous world waits to flow through you “now!” to bring to you all the gifts already given via the law of abundance! The good news is: The law of love affords us the freedom to choose where, and how, we wish to focus our flow….and how we wish to experience its expression…through us. This causes us to become aware of an inner joy which is reflected back to us from our outer world…from an outer mirror!” 

My heart instantly filled with the flow of a golden stream, pooling  there just long enough to spill out into my world. And as I watched this miraculous stream of light and music sing through me, I saw my every fear dissolving upon a massive polished mirror…to disappear with time.

Again, the light within in my dream spoke; and when it did, it lit up the world around me! “I leave you for now, once again, my blessed one… yet, I am never without you. The last thing I will share with you before you wake is this: Love is the polisher of all mirrors. And where love finds you clearly, you’ll find yourself most dearly! We all need each other to witness the wonder of ourselves reflected back to us; in that, we all have the opportunity to learn the law of love. Know this my dear one: Though love is reflected everywhere and from everything; when it comes to human beings, the love of our hearts wise is reflected from the other’s eyes!

And with one last cosmic breath, before  the light within my dream faded to another world, it said; “when you wake, you won’t remember much of this right away, for you’ll be back in a world of “time” again. But you will… time. However… you will have a feeling of me! And you will ‘feel me” drawing you closer to me. So for now…go forth my dear one…and may the blessings be!

I woke up with a start! When my bedroom came into focus, I realized my laptop, still casting its digital light beside me, was still by my side. Aware that I had fallen asleep, I raised my self up and leaned towards my computer and once again, read what it said: “The most amazing thing happens when I see deeply into a another’s eyes.” Somewhat bemused, I felt a warmth in my heart;  then… suddenly…realized… I was crying….but didn’t know why? I got up, turned on the lights, looked into the mirror and gazed streaming tears flowing down my face. I didn’t understand why?….really? ….but had a feeling ….that somehow, “now”….I was crying freely!

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼