These feelings I often get nudging me to close my eyes are more frequent now. Sometimes, just for a few minutes, a supra mini nap I suppose they could be called. Nonetheless, I’ve grown used to these nudges; and so once again, I am conduced to find a place of  peace and placid to settle my being. This time…on a park bench under a large shade tree. Comfortably eased, I allow the full weight of my body to claim its temporary resting place upon my seat. This pastoral scene about me deliciously caters to my senses; while the caress within, its beckoning ballad, increases!!  It will not be long…n☼w. My earthly sentience, now sliding to its fickle leave, took note of the ripe redolence of  flower beds at hand, the sound of chirping birds, and the aria of a gentle breeze rustling  through the trees. My gaze, now becoming aware of two different worlds, fell upon laughing children running through a nearby fountain; their merry giggle tangoed with the gushing flow of  moxie dancing with the day! And through this fountain of youth, brilliant sunshine ☼  seemed to refract this delightful animation of play against an alluring azure sky. N☼w is the  time! So once again, I closed my eyes.

¥℮§, as if by magic, I found myself in a different place!  Within another world, n☼w much  brighter, I feast upon its sapor!  A soothing space of grandeur!  And always by the sea! ¥℮§, this gorgeous sea! That sparkles like a trillion stars ablaze ☼  never failing my amaze! This sea of mine transcending time!! This sea that gently fans my light …in everything! This sea within, never amiss…Is! This tender sea of bliss, whence a  radiant wave eternally surfs upon an everlasting kiss! Whilst all the while, being here, is always n☼w! Within, I am here n☼w! ¥℮§…….it is here n☼w…¥℮§… I can feel it!… ¥℮§, …I can hear it!.. I can see this sea that is me….¥℮§, this light within my dream….

“Greetings once again sweet one,” beamed its perfect melody that seemed to bubble up from yet a finer world , “you have gained some precious ground…which has slightly changed your sound…do you hear this new song of you …my beloved?

“Yes, light of my dream,” I replied….”but what does it mean.”

My smiling light within my dream without saying anything said to me…

“Dear one…your love flows greater now through an expanding aperture of your opening heart..and forever young, my light flows into your world ever increasingly as you let go of yourself to behold the glory of me….and with each step you take into me…comes a new song, a new sound of you that is part of  me….listen to it my beloved….and let its voice flow through you into your world….you are a writer and there is much work to be done….”

“Light within my dream, this work to be done you say…am I to know ahead of time?”

“I am always smiling on you,” my light replied, “for where I am smiling…there is no time…. surrender to me “n☼w” and you will kn☼w what is to be said….and then write it down… will see….you must write my son….this is your destiny….”

“So I am being told by others too,” light within my dream, “….

“Then listen to me here too….my sweet one….write my son….and nothing can be held from you….”

A breaking wave roared upon a purring beach and each time it did….a rainbow of light painted the world that left everything giggling!

“Each time you write my blessed one you bring that much more of me into your world….you bring that much more of me to all the others in your world blessings will never fail to find their mark so long is there is an open heart to pass them through!! May my blessings gush forward my son and cleanse and heal those dear to you! Never fail in bringing me into your world whichever creative outlet I shall manifest via an open heart….and for you my son….it is through your writing…so write my son!! Write my son!” ☼

“Write my son….write…my….” were the fading words I heard from my inner world as I slowly opened my eyes. And here, still sitting on the park bench, I beheld drenched…. dripping little darlings giggling at me….”you fell asleep sir,” they giggled more…

Smiling at them, I said…”yes I did…I did fall asleep! But now I am awake!”

Still giggling, they replied, “would you like to run through the fountain with us….?”

To which I said, “right my son….¥℮§….let’s….”

And with that…we giggled as we drank the fountains drench!

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼