On one of my long walks recently, I found myself asking silently: “Why do I feel stuck a lot of the time which makes me feel so unhappy?” Almost instantly, an incredible feeling of warmth overcame me. Something familiar, yet powerful, had entered my world in this moment!

Like an ethereal embrace, I felt a tingling roll through my body. Feeling lighter, I found a place where I could safely, and with some privacy, close my eyes. A moment later, I was walking on a beach to behold a glimmering emerald sea. Am I this too? An endless beach, scintillating? This sea, massaging me. Every time I visit this place, I mused, a gentle imperturbability washes over me. Three green-flecked golden planets, like pendant apples on a branch, loomed exquisitely with a saffron sky. Fused with the horizon. And yet, I can touch them? Everything sparkled. There was no sun; there was no need for one. This world, my world, was flush with the flame of life itself. The warmth of unconditional love…radiated everywhere. Breathing in deeply, and then releasing, the air was light and sweet. I delighted in the song of this mighty sea where tiny briny breaker’s foam…tickles me. Their lathered laughter kissed my feet. And so thus a sandy burble played with my effervescent day. For yes, I have come home again. Here, where an eternal moment teaches me to comprehend its surf…its pervasive remedy, connects me. This ocean, its unconditional love…whispers loving words. But always, it loves me…now. This ubiquitous glow seemed to ebb… then flow. With the rhythm of my breathing somehow? In… then…ooouut. And when I laugh, my cosmos billows too! I muse this wisdom’s view. Its light and sound that weaves; all of which, warp and woof it’s tapestry! So curious, I yearned to dabble with it, like a child playing with toys. Then, I sensed yet another laugh had joined.

And from within the light of my dream came a friendly voice.

“Greetings once again dear one,” laughing still, “I see you are having fun?”  It’s voice bathed me brilliantly.

“Hello,” I followed, “this is so cool! I really needed a laugh just now,” I cooed.  “For truth be known, I’ve been feeling a little down.”

“Dear one, as I have said before, your world is not as once it was…for now you are more conscious to its cause. And the effect is always joy!” The light’s voice, now settling into a more focused discourse, carried on. “Yet, there are times you still doubt yourself, do you know why?”

“I seem to lose sight of myself sometimes,” I replied.

“Do you know what forgiveness really is dear one?”

“I’ve read about it before….and have even said the words out loud. But what is the point if it doesn’t make me feel any different?” I challenged.

Laughter flashed from within the light. “This world of yours you see here now, what do you notice?” offered the light within my dream.

“Everything!” I said.

“What part of it do you not accept?”

“I accept it all….but what does this have to do with forgiveness?” I asked curiously.

“When contending with illusion, to see and accept what ‘is’….is forgiveness.” The light elaborated further. I could feel the warmth of its words within me as it spoke. “Forgiveness is nothing more than the ability to see ‘through’ illusion to accept a greater truth which comes with experience. And it always begins with ourselves. The truth of you. We are, inherently, happy and joyous beings naturally. Your current illusion is that you are unhappy. Unhappiness, feeling down, is an illusion. When one is disconnected from one’s self….hence, disconnected from all of life, one suffers the illusion of unhappiness, fear, loneliness, and all other illusions that are not your true self. In other words, one allows themself to come into an agreement with these negative states. Even become attached to them.”

“I think I know what that is all about!” I conceded.

The light continued.”Part of the human condition, the human experience, is to embrace forgiveness so that one can return to their own inner wisdom. To the degree that you are able to see past the illusion, and accept what is beyond it, is the degree that you are able to realize joy. The door to truth always opens first with ourselves. And it always opens inwardly. When we can forgive ourselves, we instantly discover the capacity to forgive all of life around us…which includes other human beings. Illusion is a necessary part of life, but it doesn’t have to be our master. There is never a single moment that joy is not resonating within you. If it were not true…you simply could not exist. Such is the law of love. So the fact that you do.. ‘exist’… is testimony to the joyous truth within you.”

“Then what stops me from forgiving myself?” I countered. “And what is the purpose of illusion if it takes away my joy?”

A beautiful bird-like creature, almost translucent, hovered like a humming-bird, over the most amazing flower beside me. I gazed at it with intrigue and wonderment. And when I did, this amazing little “being” became brighter? It seemed to float on its own music and was completely absorbed with a task at hand….which I was not sure of? Then as fast as it came, it flew away.

As my focus landed again on the light and it’s words, this is what I heard. “Attachment and your focus on the attachment will keep you from forgiving yourself. One only needs to let go of this sentiment to illusion to discover the truth within. Illusion, of itself, does have a purpose. Your earth world, dear one, affords you, and others, the opportunity to learn the law of love. The law of love states that all of life’s beings have been gifted the freedom to choose their own path to truth. Illusion offers ‘choices.’  And the better one becomes at making  choices that are more closely aligned with the natural laws of life, the wiser one becomes for it. Your earth world vies for your attention. It asks: What will you choose ultimately: Illusion… or Truth?”

“All I know is there seems to be a lot of very unhappy people in my Earth world….as you say?”

‘Your outer world reflects your focus. Focus without wisdom creates attachment…something the marketers of your Earth world are capitalizing on! And attachment is the source of all pain. Know this dear one, your focus magnifies things, makes it brighter. If unhappiness is your focus…then that is what you create. Illusion offers the mortar; in which, the disconnected cement themselves into their own little prisons. One creates what one is focused on. Conversely, one can create the path to their own joy too…that is, if they are so inclined to claim their own focus consciously. Everything, eventually, returns to the sea.”

“Well, I am able to do this at times. And now that I’m looking at it in a different light, I realize, I am getting better at it too!”

I could feel the light’s smile within me. I sensed it was getting ready to take its leave…and as such, left me with these final words. “Stay the course blessed one, greater things are coming your way. I am pleased to see that you are writing more. Your books will find there place! Always know that there is never a moment where you are not loved! Till we meet again, may the blessings always be.”

Then the light within my dream melted into yet a finer place.

Smiling, my eyes opened again.

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼