Nothing can truly supplant the wisdom of our own inner conscience. The human spirit, ultimately, refuses to be canned, and adorned with pretty little labels, to sit on the sleepy shelf of ignorance! Could it be that, in our fast-paced modern world of rapid change, the institution of marriage has become obsolete?? What will the modern family evolve into? Only time can tell. But championing the god-given rights of people in having the power to steer their own destinies should always be the hallmark of a healthy and prospering society.

Why do so many marriages fail anyway? In my way of seeing things, the answer, perhaps, can be found within a broader picture. Though, I’ll be the first to concede that by no means am I an expert on marriages (I’ve never been married), nor do I profess to have a monopoly on the wisdom of human relationships in general. However, it does  seem to me that one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out, through observation and by listening to people, that underlying the activities of everyday human life exists a silent melancholy that is slowly undermining the morale of people! Especially in the cities. The people’s sense of resolve is a fabric that continues to fray. One can hear it in the their voices;  see it in the lines of their faces; by the saddened stare of their eyes; in the gait of their walk. Have you ever sat down in a crowded public space…and just observed people (without staring) over a period of time? I have, many times,  and it can be quite revealing! Again, this is only my view.  I am sure others will see things differently. And still yet, some may disagree with me entirely.  After all, the beauty of sharing ideas is that we can learn from all points of view. The process of human beings sharing their creative insights with other human beings makes for one of the most rewarding ways of  growing and learning in this world  – by openly sharing our views with each other.

My view then: A discontented society , albeit… silent as it may be for now,  will eventually find another voice. And if it is not a voice guided by wisdom, then what? The more disconnected people become from the inner constitution of their own hearts, and its unfailing guidance, the more they will feel the “need” for something else to replace, or fill, that vacuum? The danger is that their attention, now almost entirely focused outwardly, thanks to the world’s highly efficient marketers, becomes susceptible to being trapped in a synthetic objective reality. A world no longer being fed by the beacon of inner wisdom. Of course, this “outer pseudo constitution,” if you will, is written by the lawmakers of humanity; and for the most part, crystalized to impose the facilitation of  power by force…rather than through an unfolding and sharing of human dignity and love by natural means. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not suggesting there be no law and order in society.  What I am saying though is…if there is to be law and order, shouldn’t we take every effort, as custodians of the planet, for that law and order to be premised on the higher natural laws of wisdom and the economy it provides? Wisdom shines its own light.

Additionally, our consumer-based free market system has become so manic for the lust of “more”…which has now  spread to the four corners of the globe, that contentment scarcely has a chance to take root in many peoples’ hearts as such; let alone, grow and flourish in their lives? Not to mention that the unequivocal raping of the planet’s natural resources, many of them finite in terms of supply, is threatening the very survival of the planet itself and everything that lives on it! Sadly, it seems the world is moving in a direction where individual human idiosyncrasies have become the product of an objectified world of global economics based mainly on greed, fear, and power.

The particularly toxic part of all of this is that our mass marketing system, and its myriad avenues of propaganda, have all but reassured us that the status quo has effectively become attached to “feeling” it all as being “normal” somehow? Even natural!? If not at the very least,  justified!? To put it bluntly, a great number of people are no longer in possession of themselves…they are no longer in contact with their inner wisdom. Thier personal sense of acuity has been annexed by the mechanization of outer mediocrity. For the many, they are but puppets for the few. And if that were not enough,  all are expected, and encouraged, to sing the song of  “All-In-The-Name-Of-Progress,” with perfect harmony, lest they suddenly be exposed to the shock of awareness!

Ah, but there is light at the end of the tunnel afterall. So as the world seeks to build walls of containment around individual’s freedoms, rights, and liberties…may the artists; the writers; the musicians; the dancers; the sculptors; the actors; and all other forms of creative expression, seek to tear down those walls, to nudge us all in remembering the formless voice of wisdom within. For that is who we really are.  May the  light of our unfettered mastery  soar freely to find our muse joyously playing with life. And may this  light, too,  find its way back into the world so others can clearly see their way! And finally,  and most importantly of all, may the voice of love always prevail!

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼