Reading finished for now, sleep beckoned me

It was late and thoughts were heavy from the day

Attending to routine of retiring night

Then nestled within caressing sheets

My figure slumbered beneath its weight

Becoming one in linen berth

Then, as if by airy cue

Waning eyes dropped their drapes

Upon my Carnal Earth

And with a sigh

I signed the night to finer dreams



By a golden world I was received



Astray of night, it poured its Light!

Refining everything

Burdened thoughts tempered clear

Trepidation can not bear it here

I gazed

Handsome rolling hills holding hands

With their valleys

These hills seemed to play

With massive mountains whose tops

I could not see

I gazed



Forever free



Now I leaned upon

A Grand Trunk

Defying time and space in size and slew

Rivers and streams from its base

Life renewed found their Way

To fill the Sea merged alight

Like a million galaxies

Soft music imbued It All

Gentle waves sounded its song

And yet, as known

It’s really not a sea at all






More clarified, but still remote

Beyond the reach of equal words

Its waves could not be discerned


From the neighboring world it made

Then, as if by airy cue

Ascending eyes raised their drapes

Yes, It was a Sea

But it was not

Seemingly a paradox

Of nothing but






This Sea calls me

It has caught me

I cannot resist It, I cannot

I cannot resist It, because

I too am part of It

Suddenly, a quickened warmth

Overcame me

Then, as if by giant dimmer switch

Turned up

I knew I was



Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼