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In Love

Reading finished for now, sleep beckoned me

It was late and thoughts were heavy from the day

Attending to routine of retiring night

Then nestled within caressing sheets

My figure slumbered beneath its weight

Becoming one in linen berth

Then, as if by airy cue

Waning eyes dropped their drapes

Upon my Carnal Earth

And with a sigh

I signed the night to finer dreams



By a golden world I was received



Astray of night, it poured its Light!

Refining everything

Burdened thoughts tempered clear

Trepidation can not bear it here

I gazed

Handsome rolling hills holding hands

With their valleys

These hills seemed to play

With massive mountains whose tops

I could not see

I gazed



Forever free



Now I leaned upon

A Grand Trunk

Defying time and space in size and slew

Rivers and streams from its base

Life renewed found their Way

To fill the Sea merged alight

Like a million galaxies

Soft music imbued It All

Gentle waves sounded its song

And yet, as known

It’s really not a sea at all






More clarified, but still remote

Beyond the reach of equal words

Its waves could not be discerned


From the neighboring world it made

Then, as if by airy cue

Ascending eyes raised their drapes

Yes, It was a Sea

But it was not

Seemingly a paradox

Of nothing but






This Sea calls me

It has caught me

I cannot resist It, I cannot

I cannot resist It, because

I too am part of It

Suddenly, a quickened warmth

Overcame me

Then, as if by giant dimmer switch

Turned up

I knew I was



Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼


Married To My Muse

Nothing can truly supplant the wisdom of our own inner conscience. The human spirit, ultimately, refuses to be canned, and adorned with pretty little labels, to sit on the sleepy shelf of ignorance! Could it be that, in our fast-paced modern world of rapid change, the institution of marriage has become obsolete?? What will the modern family evolve into? Only time can tell. But championing the god-given rights of people in having the power to steer their own destinies should always be the hallmark of a healthy and prospering society.

Why do so many marriages fail anyway? In my way of seeing things, the answer, perhaps, can be found within a broader picture. Though, I’ll be the first to concede that by no means am I an expert on marriages (I’ve never been married), nor do I profess to have a monopoly on the wisdom of human relationships in general. However, it does  seem to me that one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out, through observation and by listening to people, that underlying the activities of everyday human life exists a silent melancholy that is slowly undermining the morale of people! Especially in the cities. The people’s sense of resolve is a fabric that continues to fray. One can hear it in the their voices;  see it in the lines of their faces; by the saddened stare of their eyes; in the gait of their walk. Have you ever sat down in a crowded public space…and just observed people (without staring) over a period of time? I have, many times,  and it can be quite revealing! Again, this is only my view.  I am sure others will see things differently. And still yet, some may disagree with me entirely.  After all, the beauty of sharing ideas is that we can learn from all points of view. The process of human beings sharing their creative insights with other human beings makes for one of the most rewarding ways of  growing and learning in this world  – by openly sharing our views with each other.

My view then: A discontented society , albeit… silent as it may be for now,  will eventually find another voice. And if it is not a voice guided by wisdom, then what? The more disconnected people become from the inner constitution of their own hearts, and its unfailing guidance, the more they will feel the “need” for something else to replace, or fill, that vacuum? The danger is that their attention, now almost entirely focused outwardly, thanks to the world’s highly efficient marketers, becomes susceptible to being trapped in a synthetic objective reality. A world no longer being fed by the beacon of inner wisdom. Of course, this “outer pseudo constitution,” if you will, is written by the lawmakers of humanity; and for the most part, crystalized to impose the facilitation of  power by force…rather than through an unfolding and sharing of human dignity and love by natural means. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not suggesting there be no law and order in society.  What I am saying though is…if there is to be law and order, shouldn’t we take every effort, as custodians of the planet, for that law and order to be premised on the higher natural laws of wisdom and the economy it provides? Wisdom shines its own light.

Additionally, our consumer-based free market system has become so manic for the lust of “more”…which has now  spread to the four corners of the globe, that contentment scarcely has a chance to take root in many peoples’ hearts as such; let alone, grow and flourish in their lives? Not to mention that the unequivocal raping of the planet’s natural resources, many of them finite in terms of supply, is threatening the very survival of the planet itself and everything that lives on it! Sadly, it seems the world is moving in a direction where individual human idiosyncrasies have become the product of an objectified world of global economics based mainly on greed, fear, and power.

The particularly toxic part of all of this is that our mass marketing system, and its myriad avenues of propaganda, have all but reassured us that the status quo has effectively become attached to “feeling” it all as being “normal” somehow? Even natural!? If not at the very least,  justified!? To put it bluntly, a great number of people are no longer in possession of themselves…they are no longer in contact with their inner wisdom. Thier personal sense of acuity has been annexed by the mechanization of outer mediocrity. For the many, they are but puppets for the few. And if that were not enough,  all are expected, and encouraged, to sing the song of  “All-In-The-Name-Of-Progress,” with perfect harmony, lest they suddenly be exposed to the shock of awareness!

Ah, but there is light at the end of the tunnel afterall. So as the world seeks to build walls of containment around individual’s freedoms, rights, and liberties…may the artists; the writers; the musicians; the dancers; the sculptors; the actors; and all other forms of creative expression, seek to tear down those walls, to nudge us all in remembering the formless voice of wisdom within. For that is who we really are.  May the  light of our unfettered mastery  soar freely to find our muse joyously playing with life. And may this  light, too,  find its way back into the world so others can clearly see their way! And finally,  and most importantly of all, may the voice of love always prevail!

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼


The Gift of Forgiveness

On one of my long walks recently, I found myself asking silently: “Why do I feel stuck a lot of the time which makes me feel so unhappy?” Almost instantly, an incredible feeling of warmth overcame me. Something familiar, yet powerful, had entered my world in this moment!

Like an ethereal embrace, I felt a tingling roll through my body. Feeling lighter, I found a place where I could safely, and with some privacy, close my eyes. A moment later, I was walking on a beach to behold a glimmering emerald sea. Am I this too? An endless beach, scintillating? This sea, massaging me. Every time I visit this place, I mused, a gentle imperturbability washes over me. Three green-flecked golden planets, like pendant apples on a branch, loomed exquisitely with a saffron sky. Fused with the horizon. And yet, I can touch them? Everything sparkled. There was no sun; there was no need for one. This world, my world, was flush with the flame of life itself. The warmth of unconditional love…radiated everywhere. Breathing in deeply, and then releasing, the air was light and sweet. I delighted in the song of this mighty sea where tiny briny breaker’s foam…tickles me. Their lathered laughter kissed my feet. And so thus a sandy burble played with my effervescent day. For yes, I have come home again. Here, where an eternal moment teaches me to comprehend its surf…its pervasive remedy, connects me. This ocean, its unconditional love…whispers loving words. But always, it loves me…now. This ubiquitous glow seemed to ebb… then flow. With the rhythm of my breathing somehow? In… then…ooouut. And when I laugh, my cosmos billows too! I muse this wisdom’s view. Its light and sound that weaves; all of which, warp and woof it’s tapestry! So curious, I yearned to dabble with it, like a child playing with toys. Then, I sensed yet another laugh had joined.

And from within the light of my dream came a friendly voice.

“Greetings once again dear one,” laughing still, “I see you are having fun?”  It’s voice bathed me brilliantly.

“Hello,” I followed, “this is so cool! I really needed a laugh just now,” I cooed.  “For truth be known, I’ve been feeling a little down.”

“Dear one, as I have said before, your world is not as once it was…for now you are more conscious to its cause. And the effect is always joy!” The light’s voice, now settling into a more focused discourse, carried on. “Yet, there are times you still doubt yourself, do you know why?”

“I seem to lose sight of myself sometimes,” I replied.

“Do you know what forgiveness really is dear one?”

“I’ve read about it before….and have even said the words out loud. But what is the point if it doesn’t make me feel any different?” I challenged.

Laughter flashed from within the light. “This world of yours you see here now, what do you notice?” offered the light within my dream.

“Everything!” I said.

“What part of it do you not accept?”

“I accept it all….but what does this have to do with forgiveness?” I asked curiously.

“When contending with illusion, to see and accept what ‘is’….is forgiveness.” The light elaborated further. I could feel the warmth of its words within me as it spoke. “Forgiveness is nothing more than the ability to see ‘through’ illusion to accept a greater truth which comes with experience. And it always begins with ourselves. The truth of you. We are, inherently, happy and joyous beings naturally. Your current illusion is that you are unhappy. Unhappiness, feeling down, is an illusion. When one is disconnected from one’s self….hence, disconnected from all of life, one suffers the illusion of unhappiness, fear, loneliness, and all other illusions that are not your true self. In other words, one allows themself to come into an agreement with these negative states. Even become attached to them.”

“I think I know what that is all about!” I conceded.

The light continued.”Part of the human condition, the human experience, is to embrace forgiveness so that one can return to their own inner wisdom. To the degree that you are able to see past the illusion, and accept what is beyond it, is the degree that you are able to realize joy. The door to truth always opens first with ourselves. And it always opens inwardly. When we can forgive ourselves, we instantly discover the capacity to forgive all of life around us…which includes other human beings. Illusion is a necessary part of life, but it doesn’t have to be our master. There is never a single moment that joy is not resonating within you. If it were not true…you simply could not exist. Such is the law of love. So the fact that you do.. ‘exist’… is testimony to the joyous truth within you.”

“Then what stops me from forgiving myself?” I countered. “And what is the purpose of illusion if it takes away my joy?”

A beautiful bird-like creature, almost translucent, hovered like a humming-bird, over the most amazing flower beside me. I gazed at it with intrigue and wonderment. And when I did, this amazing little “being” became brighter? It seemed to float on its own music and was completely absorbed with a task at hand….which I was not sure of? Then as fast as it came, it flew away.

As my focus landed again on the light and it’s words, this is what I heard. “Attachment and your focus on the attachment will keep you from forgiving yourself. One only needs to let go of this sentiment to illusion to discover the truth within. Illusion, of itself, does have a purpose. Your earth world, dear one, affords you, and others, the opportunity to learn the law of love. The law of love states that all of life’s beings have been gifted the freedom to choose their own path to truth. Illusion offers ‘choices.’  And the better one becomes at making  choices that are more closely aligned with the natural laws of life, the wiser one becomes for it. Your earth world vies for your attention. It asks: What will you choose ultimately: Illusion… or Truth?”

“All I know is there seems to be a lot of very unhappy people in my Earth world….as you say?”

‘Your outer world reflects your focus. Focus without wisdom creates attachment…something the marketers of your Earth world are capitalizing on! And attachment is the source of all pain. Know this dear one, your focus magnifies things, makes it brighter. If unhappiness is your focus…then that is what you create. Illusion offers the mortar; in which, the disconnected cement themselves into their own little prisons. One creates what one is focused on. Conversely, one can create the path to their own joy too…that is, if they are so inclined to claim their own focus consciously. Everything, eventually, returns to the sea.”

“Well, I am able to do this at times. And now that I’m looking at it in a different light, I realize, I am getting better at it too!”

I could feel the light’s smile within me. I sensed it was getting ready to take its leave…and as such, left me with these final words. “Stay the course blessed one, greater things are coming your way. I am pleased to see that you are writing more. Your books will find there place! Always know that there is never a moment where you are not loved! Till we meet again, may the blessings always be.”

Then the light within my dream melted into yet a finer place.

Smiling, my eyes opened again.

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼

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Her Purrs

Her voice stirs. Inside of him, ever cooing crimson words. Where ancient lips speaks to him, and blazing eyes remembers her. This silent song it sips. And embers warming reminisce. Nay estrange, her ardor kneads the aches of him. A thousand times of five, through light of day and dark of night, ere she has been with he. And why? To bleed their fickle forgeries. So truth becomes their novel seed. Hear near abreast her wanting ear, he chirps like a morning bird. Then bares her breast. Where his longing lips finds the rest, and listens to her purrs.

This their kiss their legacy. As cloth of wont, she knits from spools of thread of lovers knots. There lives the sounds of sins on treaded spoor of Evers din. And in concert roles…eons roll, and around the sun they play. Some are regal and some are slaves. Here he rules an empire; it sinks beneath the sea. There she is a vampire; she drains his arteries. Two cloths woven engaging time; they always find their seam. This mistress violin. Now draws a scalding splash with him to soak their bathing purge. And here he finds her nether moon, while he listens to her purrs.

Chambers flood of lovers blood to pump the poise of time. Free vagaries embrace do thee, to find the other’s eyes. Then scratch the itch of wickedness that harbors just beneath. Sparks divine their inner meld where pools their lake of thee. Buoying him does she. His virile vile makes angels snarl; but still, she licks his love you see. Torn asunder, through calm then thunder, she finds him once again. And so converge. And deeper yet he explores her depths, while he listens to her purrs.

The air is wealthy where she is; so, he inhales…all her in. And in his fevered fervor’s room, he feels wild roses bloom. While whirligigs dance on placid ponds to remind them of their lovers song. Nature never forgets. This laugh that kisses their harrow path, trickles down from eras past, always builds their best. Then, through life’s hooks and turns it’s known: That want for nothing; yields an abundance of; equals growth. Yes, the cosmos fire sometimes burns! But this he will always know: That his contented balm always comes, from listening to her purrs.

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼


It’s not that Sen didn’t want to go that way; no, not at all, he just hadn’t been that way before….is what he kept telling himself.  He stared down the whorled path that led itself into a dark and thick forest at its base, the forest that was between himself and the small town of Lindsey, where he was heading, that lay on its other side. It’s an hour walk to get this far from the sleepy community of  Becket where he lived. Plenty of time to view the movie inside his head leading up to this moment. He often heard of the others back home talk of this path before. “Yup, knocks off a good two hours clean…walking to get to Lindsey going that way…that is if you don’t mind what’s been said about it, ” snickered the pub bartender echoing his hearty, but slightly, Irish accent through Sen’s thoughts. Over the past month after arriving in Becket, a humble borough at one end of a beautiful glen, Sen had become good friends with Archie; a good-hearted man known as the  friendly burly brew master who is most easily recognized by his thick bushy red beard! Archie loved to pour drinks for the locals and humor them with his  stories he so admired in telling. And the path through the forest to Lindsey was one of Archie’s favorite stories!  

Sen’s inner vision continued to watch the movie in his head, he could see and hear this mornings breakfast conversation back at the pub reflecting through his mind, while his body and his eyes stood still….still staring at the path.

“Aaaah, what do you know anyway Arch,” giggled Mabel relieving the bar of a few empty ale mugs into the rinsing machine beside her. Mabel, Archie’s wife of 22 years, a glowing woman in her mid forties, blonde, blue-eyed beauty with just the right amount of love handles to lay testimony to her fine cooking, always loved to tease her husband this way. “Before you know it, he’ll start telling everyone that it is a true story…again,” she further jested but with a wink cast toward her husband. Archie loved his wife dearly and could not imagine his life without her.  Their pub, the town’s pub really, sported a front entrance staircase of a few steps to a spacious landing covered by an arched overhead roof, all made of rough timbers that basked in the diffused light of an Archie’s Ale neon sign hanging in the front window. The pub has been their labour of love  for the past ten years, ever since Archie lost his job at the lumber mill due to downsizing…so said his pink slip. And he knew that none of it could be possible without the love and support of his wife! Which is why he tolerated her interrupting him as she so lovingly teased while he told his stories. It was Mabel who found Sen on the pub doorstep at two in the morning clinging to his life that strange night a month ago.

Sen stood still staring at the path.

“Mabel honey,” Archie cooed, “how many times have I told you, it is a true story!” A lanky attractive young woman with shoulder length auburn hair named Cindy, the pub’s main waitress, put in an order for another round of ales for the dart throwers at the rear of the pub… giving Archie something else to think about. “Cindy, why does nobody take me seriously?” Cindy grinned at him while he worked the tap pouring her order.

“Yes sweetheart…a true story….by the way, we’re having chicken for dinner tonight?” Mabel fed him back as she left the room.

The path stared at Sen

Archie topped up the last ale to round-up  Cindy’s tray, “Sen, buddy, help me out here…could you please tell my wife that she needs to start listening to me,” Archie now holding his hands up in the air.

Sen wiped the last bit of egg and ketchup from his plate with his toast,  stuffed it into his mouth, and mumbled, “sorry Arch…you know I don’t takes sides with my friends,” and while smiling he said…”besides, I gotta hit the road, I’m running late!! Throwing his napkin on the bar, Sen rose and fiddled for his wallet.

“Nay..don’t worry about it…get to me next time,” Archie winked.

“Arch, that’s what you said last time.”

Archie’s hand now on Sen’s shoulder and leaning into him, whispered, “tell you what..we’ll put it on your tab, what do you say?”

Sen grinned, ” alright, but only if you let me pay for it!!

“Ya, ya, ya….later, later,” Archie whimsically countered, now wiping down the bar with a damp cloth.

“Ok, I really have to go now, say bye to Mabel for me! I’ll see you both again in a few days!”

“You betcha buddy,” Archie chuckled, “ the way,” Archie came out from behind the bar, stood  in front of Sen, and with a curious softened voice, asked, “so you going to do it this time?”

Sen stared at him for a moment, then hesitatingly said, “I don’t know….gotta go!” And made his way out the door.

The last words Sen heard Archie bellowing at him while bounding down the front steps was, “say hi to her for me ok?”

And so an hour later, here he was….again, staring at the path. And with waning deliberation and the movie now fading from his head, Sen said out loud to himself, ” nope, not today,” and turned back to the road to carry on his way. Taking the long way around, it would be three more hours before he arrived in Lindsey.

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼

Write My Son ☼

These feelings I often get nudging me to close my eyes are more frequent now. Sometimes, just for a few minutes, a supra mini nap I suppose they could be called. Nonetheless, I’ve grown used to these nudges; and so once again, I am conduced to find a place of  peace and placid to settle my being. This time…on a park bench under a large shade tree. Comfortably eased, I allow the full weight of my body to claim its temporary resting place upon my seat. This pastoral scene about me deliciously caters to my senses; while the caress within, its beckoning ballad, increases!!  It will not be long…n☼w. My earthly sentience, now sliding to its fickle leave, took note of the ripe redolence of  flower beds at hand, the sound of chirping birds, and the aria of a gentle breeze rustling  through the trees. My gaze, now becoming aware of two different worlds, fell upon laughing children running through a nearby fountain; their merry giggle tangoed with the gushing flow of  moxie dancing with the day! And through this fountain of youth, brilliant sunshine ☼  seemed to refract this delightful animation of play against an alluring azure sky. N☼w is the  time! So once again, I closed my eyes.

¥℮§, as if by magic, I found myself in a different place!  Within another world, n☼w much  brighter, I feast upon its sapor!  A soothing space of grandeur!  And always by the sea! ¥℮§, this gorgeous sea! That sparkles like a trillion stars ablaze ☼  never failing my amaze! This sea of mine transcending time!! This sea that gently fans my light …in everything! This sea within, never amiss…Is! This tender sea of bliss, whence a  radiant wave eternally surfs upon an everlasting kiss! Whilst all the while, being here, is always n☼w! Within, I am here n☼w! ¥℮§…….it is here n☼w…¥℮§… I can feel it!… ¥℮§, …I can hear it!.. I can see this sea that is me….¥℮§, this light within my dream….

“Greetings once again sweet one,” beamed its perfect melody that seemed to bubble up from yet a finer world , “you have gained some precious ground…which has slightly changed your sound…do you hear this new song of you …my beloved?

“Yes, light of my dream,” I replied….”but what does it mean.”

My smiling light within my dream without saying anything said to me…

“Dear one…your love flows greater now through an expanding aperture of your opening heart..and forever young, my light flows into your world ever increasingly as you let go of yourself to behold the glory of me….and with each step you take into me…comes a new song, a new sound of you that is part of  me….listen to it my beloved….and let its voice flow through you into your world….you are a writer and there is much work to be done….”

“Light within my dream, this work to be done you say…am I to know ahead of time?”

“I am always smiling on you,” my light replied, “for where I am smiling…there is no time…. surrender to me “n☼w” and you will kn☼w what is to be said….and then write it down… will see….you must write my son….this is your destiny….”

“So I am being told by others too,” light within my dream, “….

“Then listen to me here too….my sweet one….write my son….and nothing can be held from you….”

A breaking wave roared upon a purring beach and each time it did….a rainbow of light painted the world that left everything giggling!

“Each time you write my blessed one you bring that much more of me into your world….you bring that much more of me to all the others in your world blessings will never fail to find their mark so long is there is an open heart to pass them through!! May my blessings gush forward my son and cleanse and heal those dear to you! Never fail in bringing me into your world whichever creative outlet I shall manifest via an open heart….and for you my son….it is through your writing…so write my son!! Write my son!” ☼

“Write my son….write…my….” were the fading words I heard from my inner world as I slowly opened my eyes. And here, still sitting on the park bench, I beheld drenched…. dripping little darlings giggling at me….”you fell asleep sir,” they giggled more…

Smiling at them, I said…”yes I did…I did fall asleep! But now I am awake!”

Still giggling, they replied, “would you like to run through the fountain with us….?”

To which I said, “right my son….¥℮§….let’s….”

And with that…we giggled as we drank the fountains drench!

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼

Sun ☼

This sun that blazed his dawning day! Its warmth softening the nights embrace, this gentle kiss of grace. Where minced upon his hallowed ground, he danced his step with life’s parade. And there, he found the strength to love again. So aloft embroidered riant sound, where dulcet chimes married mirth, soared  his heart with morning birds, to merry him his higher birth. Whilst, grace winked in overtures that lay his flaming gain! This bread that fills his cupboard space, so lit his wit this way! And now awake, ignites the flame of yet another’s day!

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼

Crying Freely

It had been twenty minutes since I turned off my bedroom lights. With my laptop cradled on my crossed legs and my back against the wall, I sat on my bed within the glow of a reflecting lcd screen painting its glow around me; a glow mirrored from it’s own inner digital world. I often write this way when at home within this strange lighting with shadows marginally off to the sides; it seems to help me focus my mind.  So within my halo of ambient bedroom light, I sat there staring at the screen, pondering…. at the one sentence I had written: “The most amazing thing happens when I see deeply into a another’s eyes.” So there I was…still…staring….as if the computer screen itself were a pair of eyes! Then finally I realized,  I hadn’t moved, nor typed a single word for the past twenty minutes. “What am I doing? I must be tired or …something?”…I sighed to myself. So, as if being nudged by some invisible hand, I put down my laptop, stretched  myself out, and surrendered to what seemed an eternal yawn.

Exhausted, I closed my eyes, and let the movie in my head play itself out. With slivers of light reflecting from another world, beckoning me to follow, I surrendered into a pool of love. Where suddenly, I found myself on a beach…again. I could hear the gentle waves of a sparkling sea lapping the glistening sand around me. As if hugging me in its delight of welcoming me home again. And inside this sea where depths lay sleep, I scarcely find the time. Where freckled  bits of wit divines this abyss of mine. This sea, itself, is an alluring swirl of  twinkling hues…mainly of happy teals, frolicking  blues with greens. Then  flecks of golden yellows; frisking tawny mellows, to bathe within chocolate pools of brown. Where kindled upon a clear surface of an eternal sea of  love. It’s mercy is a mirror! This world is everywhere; but then…is always here!  

Yes, this world is alwayshere… is always …here…now. And, this world is not of time. Everything….being  here…right now, has no use for time. Indeed, there is no time…for time.

I could see into the distance; a horizon; a great sphere, a beautiful globe of reds and oranges blushing  browns upon its mirror; a planet much in love. Yet, it wasn’t …there… in the distance! It too…is here …now. 

Indeed, I seemed to be everywhere; yet always here! The world I viewed outside of myself….is…myself…reflecting me…like a mirror! Looking at myself, I realized that the very fabric of my world…my body…wasn’t really a body at all, but a ball of light. And from this ball of light, which is me, came a sound! A beautiful sound flowing through me, from me, into the world that I was seeing outside of me…yet.. is me too! Yes…the world I am seeing, around me, shining with brilliant hues of light; too, came a sound…the sound…the sound of me! The sound of joy!  With this realization came an inner abundance which swelled up within me …from within an exhilarating deep sea of serenity. Which I readily accepted upon the surface of me! Upon the mercy of me! Upon the mirror of me!

“I see you have recognised yourself again,” flowed a tender voice from within, yet all around. Exultantly! I turned my awareness to welcome it…once again!  This other light; another light, another sound; another voice; that came to visit me…as it often does… to my world. It’s light shone with such brilliance that I could barely be in its presence.

“It’s you again,” I responded with connected exuberance, “who visits me now and then, and has no name…but why do you only come from time to time…and when you do,  I always cry?”

“My dear one, I greet you again” reflected the light, “come here by the sea and place yourself closer to me…and listen…to me.” So I moved closer to it’s light; which was both painful, and full of ecstasy…all within the same space of me! Then with perfect harmony the light’s voice said, “come only as close as you are comfortable dear one….but no further than this…for now. And you may address me by whatever name you feel…if a name it is you need right now.”

“I’m not sure what I need?” I began to cry…

‘Then hear what I have to say…for your heart has opened yet a little more. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” I conceded, “go ahead.”

And so the voice within the light within my dream.. began.

“There is never a moment that my light is not shining within you. The law of light coincides with the law of love; one is the reflection of the other. And the voice of love flows to your earth world over the threshold of an open heart! Where here , its light enlightens those who “are ready” for their …new start. To show them, via their open heart, back to their own light….where there is no separation from being life. Your beloved…is opening again!

“Then why, light within my dream, do I cry now all the time?”

“My dear one, we receive the light in direct relation to our ability to accept it. With acceptance comes awareness of the “now’.  And with awareness of the now comes recognition….of yourself. Which immediately causes the heart …to open! Tears, like tiny mirrors, reflects the light more profusely in announcing it’s flow. It means the door is opening! When one is crying within the acceptance of the “now” …it is a direct reflection of healing…”now.” Therefore, healing is nothing more, nor nothing less, than the capacity to accept the flow of life again…. to enter the stream of love again! This flow resides within your own inner light, like a pool waiting for somewhere to go. When one is crying within the act of healing; one is within the act of  ‘crying freely!’ So, within a “renewed flow” all things come to you…by flowing through you…and this is how you  come to ‘know’ ….the law of abundance manifesting in your life…in your world!

“Well…perhaps!” I cried emphatically!, “but what of this pain…does it have to hurt so much!”

The world shook with a thunderous laugh from within the light of my dream….”my dear child…the pain only exists to the extent to which you insist….on holding onto it! The pain you experience is merely the metric which measures your resistance to change. Or another way of saying it is…your resistance to acceptance! To the degree that we can accept change is to the degree we can let go of pain….. the law of love states that no other can assist with another’s state of consciousness…unless invited to do so! So you see, my dear one, it is through the crucible of pain that we eventually burn away ….all that is…not us!  The question is: how long do you want it to take? For a wonderous world waits to flow through you “now!” to bring to you all the gifts already given via the law of abundance! The good news is: The law of love affords us the freedom to choose where, and how, we wish to focus our flow….and how we wish to experience its expression…through us. This causes us to become aware of an inner joy which is reflected back to us from our outer world…from an outer mirror!” 

My heart instantly filled with the flow of a golden stream, pooling  there just long enough to spill out into my world. And as I watched this miraculous stream of light and music sing through me, I saw my every fear dissolving upon a massive polished mirror…to disappear with time.

Again, the light within in my dream spoke; and when it did, it lit up the world around me! “I leave you for now, once again, my blessed one… yet, I am never without you. The last thing I will share with you before you wake is this: Love is the polisher of all mirrors. And where love finds you clearly, you’ll find yourself most dearly! We all need each other to witness the wonder of ourselves reflected back to us; in that, we all have the opportunity to learn the law of love. Know this my dear one: Though love is reflected everywhere and from everything; when it comes to human beings, the love of our hearts wise is reflected from the other’s eyes!

And with one last cosmic breath, before  the light within my dream faded to another world, it said; “when you wake, you won’t remember much of this right away, for you’ll be back in a world of “time” again. But you will… time. However… you will have a feeling of me! And you will ‘feel me” drawing you closer to me. So for now…go forth my dear one…and may the blessings be!

I woke up with a start! When my bedroom came into focus, I realized my laptop, still casting its digital light beside me, was still by my side. Aware that I had fallen asleep, I raised my self up and leaned towards my computer and once again, read what it said: “The most amazing thing happens when I see deeply into a another’s eyes.” Somewhat bemused, I felt a warmth in my heart;  then… suddenly…realized… I was crying….but didn’t know why? I got up, turned on the lights, looked into the mirror and gazed streaming tears flowing down my face. I didn’t understand why?….really? ….but had a feeling ….that somehow, “now”….I was crying freely!

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼




…..where beats a miracle? The heart never thinks; it doesn’t have to. Where I see a miracle. The eye never blinks; for it is truth. This miracle that is you that sings within…calling you. This miracle which is being you. That plays with light it shines, its painting grace across your face and rests it on your smile. This glow where flows your love,…  tickles, my kindle lighthouse charming  chimes with mine. Do you feel me laughing through our giggling warmth? Do you feel my breath upon your cheek, where shares the life of me? This misty sea whence I see  this comedy, always loving me. Ever speaks to me, for miracles never needs, where lips ever kiss the now. Where hears her song her sound, that plays my melody exquisitly….somehow. This miracle, that hugs my heart to kiss my brow.  Where tastes the ferlie off my plate of gape this day. Yeah, this miracle that brings me home again….where beats a miracle happening…where beats  …..where beats….where…     here    …..    be

Randy Quickfall ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ ☼